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Final Inspection

Congratulations, you’ve just installed the NCPRO X-Axis Rigidity Upgrade. If this completes the upgrade parts you intend to install then you’ll want to perform some basic setup steps.

First, ensure the X-Axis gantry is perpendicular to the Y-axis table, equally spaced and properly set (front to back) to ensure a full range of travel on the Y-axis. For stock dimensioned NCPRO 3018-PRO CNC machines, the rear of the X-axis gantry should measure 46.5mm from the back of the rear Y-Axis plate. Essentially this places the center of the spindle in the center of the range of movement for the Y-axis table.

Next, ensure that the newly installed X-axis linear rails are properly spaced so as not to cause binding along the X-axis. Loosen the X-axis rails on the right side of the machine. Run the X/Z carriage all the way to the right until it makes contact with the gantry plate stop or the limit switch. Now snug the X-axis rails in position using your 4mm allen wrench. Repeat this process for the left side of the X-axis rails, loosening the rails on the left size, moving the X/Z carriage full left and snugging the X-axis rail screws.

Since this upgrade potentially changed the setup geometry from your previous build, we suggest resurfacing your spoil board (if using one) after the install of this upgrade to further improve your machines performance.

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