12mm x 500mm Linear Rails, Pair (tapped M5)


These NCPRO 12mm x 500mm Optical Axis Linear Rails feature a durable hard chrome treatment and are cut 500mm overall length, chamfered and center tapped on both end, with stock M5 threads. The rails were developed for custom applications requiring a 500mm final rail length.  Sold in package of 2 rails.  For rails to fit 3018-PRO Extended Y-Axis Kits please CLICK HERE.

Item Number: NCP-LR12/500-M5T
Diameter 12mm | Length 500mm | Threaded M5 | Quantity 2

In stock

Additional Details

Note: This product is designed for custom applications requiring a 500mm rail length and does not fit popular, factory provided, 018-PRO and PROVer Y-Axis upgrades.  For 12mm diameter rails to fit the 3018-PRO CNC routers with the factory Y-Axis upgrade (450mm) please see THIS PRODUCT.


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