1610 | 1810 | 3018 PRO, Improved Y-Axis Nut Seat

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NCPRO is happy to announce our improved V2 OEM Style Y-Axis Anti-Backlash Nut Seat.  This updated offering retains the OE style press-fit brass anti-backlash nut, while further securing the nut within the Y-axis block assembly, using a pair of highly grippy set screws.   This new Y-Axis Anti-Backlash Nut Seat is manufactured in the USA from impact-resistant PET-G plastic, using high-resolution FDM processes.  We have combined our Y-Axis Nut-Seat with a genuine OEM brass anti-backlash nut, for a perfect fit to your 1610, 1810 or 3018-PRO CNC Router.  We ship this item pre-assembled.

Before purchasing, please read the “Fitment Notes” below this product description.  Sainsmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer customers will want to order the PROVer specific version of this product (with 21.5mm offset) – Click Here.

Made in Colorado U.S.A.


Threading T8 2mm Pitch, 4mm lead | Offset Distance 22.5mm | Color: Chalk Grey
(Threaded lead screw is shown as an example of use and is not included with this purchase)

Additional Details

1610 | 1810 | 3018 PRO CNC, V2 Y-Axis Nut Seat

Why do we offer this product? It is common knowledge within the 3018 CNC user circles that the OEM injection molded nylon, Anti-backlash Y-Axis nut seat, is prone to failure (we are not talking about wear, as all anti-backlash nuts wear and will require periodic replacement).  The failure we are referring to specifically is the separation of the 10mm diameter brass anti-backlash nut from the nylon nut seat itself.  OEM units, made in China feature a press-fit and sometimes glued (when the fit isn’t as snug as the assembler had hoped for) arrangement.  Unfortunately the OE product, assembled in this manner is highly prone to failure which will make your machine inoperable and ruin your job.

All of our NCPRO brand machines ship with these upgraded Y-Axis nut seats! (either V2 or the HD units).  This V2 offering retains the look and feel of the OE unit, that users of clone machines have come to embrace, but the subtle engineering behind our V2 Y-Axis nut, it is far more advanced then its Chinese look-a-likes.  Each nut-seat features a ribbed anti-backlash nut that mates within a ribbed housing.  The friction alone of this arrangement is enough to ensure that there will be no separation failures.  But our OCD engineering team took it all a step further, adding a pair of high-holding power 4mm set screws, that bite into the soft brass nut, ensuring it maintains its position with the nut-seat.  We offer this OE style unit in two versions, one that we include with our own 3018-PRO machines and another to fit the 3018-PROVer.   Between these two models we think we have most of the 3018 clone machines covered, but do follow the guidance below to measure your machine prior to ordering.

Because we care about our community.  Our nut-seats are both designed and manufactured in-house, in Colorado U.S.A., exclusively using clean renewable solar energy.  We manufacture our products using a high resolution FDM process and PET-G plastic.  Purchasing NCPRO brand products such as this, fuels future innovation, supports domestic workers and independent small business.  Our staff and our community thank you for your support!

Fitment Notes: This V2 Y-Axis Nut Seat has been designed to fit NCPRO brand 1810 and 3018-PRO desktop CNC Routers.  This product may fit other 3018 ‘clones’.  Prior to purchasing you should verify that your machine uses an 8mm T8 type lead screw with 2mm pitch and 4mm lead.  Also verify the offset distance from the bottom of your Y-Axis table to the center of the lead screw – this should be 22.5mm to be compatible with our product.  SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer CNC routers feature a 21.5mm offset – CLICK HERE for our Y-Axis Nut Seat product that is specific to the 3018-PROVer.


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