1610 | 1810 | 3018 PRO, OEM Y-Axis Nut Seat


Genuine OEM nylon 1610 | 1810 | 3018 PRO Y-Axis Table, Nut Seat – this is the stock molded nut seat with integrated T8 ACME lead screw anti-backlash nut and spring (non user serviceable).  This is a simple fix for worn Y-Axis components and fits most 1610, 1810 and 3018 PRO desktop CNC machines.  This Y-axis nut features a 22.5 mm offset from the bottom of the Y-Axis table to the center of the lead screw.  We offer upgraded (user serviceable) Y-Axis anti-backlash nuts, for the 3018-PRO (and now PROVer) series machines – in both OEM Style, HD Brass and nylon zero-backlash configuration.

Product Features
Durable Injection Molded Nylon Nut Seat
Pre-installed anti-backlash nut (brass)
Anti-backlash nut tension spring

Item Number: 3018PRO_Y/NUTSEAT

Fits T8 type ACME lead screws of 2mm pitch 4mm lead (2-start)
Lead Screw Offset (distance from bottom of Y-axis table to the center of the lead screw): 22.5mm

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