200W 24VDC Spindle with ER11 3.175 mm Collet

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This 52mm Desktop CNC Router, Air-cooled, 200W Spindle is a direct OEM replacement to 3018-MAX Desktop CNC Routers.  This replacement spindle features a powerful 200W motor that develops 10,300RPM (no load speed) at 24VDC. Includes cooling fan and standardized ER11 type chuck with 3.175mm (1/8 in. ) collet.  A direct fit to our 3018-MAX Desktop CNC, this unit is a worthy upgrade for 1610, 1810, 3018-PRO and 3018-PROVer machines (when paired with our upgraded 52mm spindle mount) to replace the less powerful and less rigid 775 type motor.  This is the most powerful 52mm spindle, that can safely run on the stock Woodpecker V3.4 board when combined with the Deluxe 10A 24V DC Power Supply.

Item Number: 3018MAX-52MM_SPINDLE

Diameter 52mm | Length 153.5mm | Shaft 8mm w/ER11 mounted | RPM 10,300 @ 24VDC

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Additional Details

Our 200W 24V DC 52mm Spindle with ER11 3.175mm (1/8 in.) Collet is the perfect upgrade for mostly stock 3018-PRO, 3018-PROVer and clone 3018 type machines.  Just the right size! This light and powerful unit is a big improvement in rigidity and performance over the stock OEM 775 Spindle (which is essentially a standard brushed drill motor).  Runs well on the stock Woodpecker CNC board, without modification – just ensure your power supply is up to the task of delivering the additional current (Click Here for the Suggested 10A Power Supply). Note: Any brushed spindle larger than 200W should not be run directly off of the Woodpecker CNC board.

You’ll need to upgrade your spindle carriage assembly from the OEM 775 type (42mm) to our 52mm Spindle Carriage to accommodate the larger diameter of the spindle.  Our upgraded spindle carriage comes with quality bearings and our zero-backlash lead screw block.

Additional 200W Spindle Electrical Specifications

Startup Current (surge) | 5A
Stall Current | 20A
Suggested In-line fuse (highly recommended*) | 8A

*Should you stall the motor in the work, the current generated is sufficient to damage the motor control in your control board.  Installing a fused link inline to the spindle is considered a “best practice”.

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