3018-PRO CNC | Rigid 12mm X-Axis Linear Rail Upgrade (360mm)

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Improve your 3018 CNC precision with this long awaited X-Axis rigidity upgrade.
What this upgrade does:

  • Simple Bolt-On Performance Upgrade!
  • Replaces the very flexible X-Axis gantry 10mm linear rails with more rigid 12mm rails
  • Greatly improves X-Axis rigidity
  • Updates OEM X-Axis carriage to function on larger 12mm linear rails
  • Improves cutting precision and reduces chatter


2 – 12mm x 360mm hardened chrome plated precision linear rails
4 – NCPRO 12mm Low-Profile Linear Bearings
4 – M5 x 20mm Socket Head Bolts
4 – M5 Washers

Item Number: NCP-3018XFIX/BUNDLE
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Fresh Linear Bearings! × 2

Each X-Axis upgrade includes our two pairs (four total) of our premium NC-PRO 12mm low profile linear bearings.

71 in stock

Two New 12mm Linear Rails!

Includes: Two NCPRO 12mm diameter x 360mm length linear rails | tapped for stock M5 threading.

34 in stock

17 in stock


Our 3018-PRO CNC Router Axis Linear Rod and Carriage Upgrade reduces the flex in your 3018-PROs X-Axis.  Most 3018-PRO machines (and their clones) are delivered with lighter duty 10mm diameter linear rods and bearings.  These light-duty rods are subject to flex when working more dense materials and/or driving the machine harder.  This problematic “X-Axis flex” results in chatter at the spindle, which leads to a reduction in machine precision and often, failed carves.  To improve the machines function and accuracy in dense material, we offer our premium 12mm diameter, chrome plated, hardened linear rods – center tapped for M5 hardware (just like the OEM units – bolts in place for a quick upgrade).  We round out this must have upgrade, with four new precision low-profile 12mm linear bearings to be placed within your OEM or upgraded X/Z-Axis carriage assembly.

Note: This upgrade is certified for use on the NCPRO line of 3018-PRO machines and similar 3018 clones.  To ensure compatibility, measure your existing X-Axis linear rails and extrusions, if they match up with the sizing below, then this upgrade is likely compatible with your 3018-PRO machine. 

X-Axis Linear Rail = 360mm | X-Axis Extrusion = 360mm

1 review for 3018-PRO CNC | Rigid 12mm X-Axis Linear Rail Upgrade (360mm)

  1. Roger

    This upgrade does just what it says and is an solid match to the capabilities of the 3018. In fact, this is exactly how the 3018 SHOULD have been delivered from the factory! My machines X axis is now very rigid with the new 12 mm rods installed. Assembly was straight forward – though driving out the stock bearings required finding the right size wooden dowel (it sure would be nice if you’d include something like that with the upgrade). About the bearings, the new bearings are very smooth running on the 12mm rails. I noticed that the new bearings feature 5 points of contact instead of 4 like the stock 10mm unit – cool!

    The only thing I could have done that would have been more rigid than this upgrade, would have been to take the machine back down to parts and rebuild it with custom-cut fully supported rails. What a pain! Heck I might as well buy a whole new machine at that point. To Bill and the crew, many thanks for making this simple upgrade availble! I’m going to buy your Y axis 12mm upgrade next.

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