3018-MAX Desktop CNC Router

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Item Number: NCP-3018MAX

Featuring our 3018-MAX aluminum frame!

Built for success with sturdy 4040 extrusions and 12mm diameter linear rails. This is the most rigid 3018 class Desktop CNC Router frame on the market.

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X and Y Axis High Torque Steppers! × 2

With 220% more rated power than the OEM 3018-PRO and PROVer class stepper motors, these 1.68A, 0.55Nm torque steppers bring the grunt to motivate your projects to success!

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Z Axis Stepper w/Integrated Lead Screw!

The same high torque stepper as above with integrated T8 lead screw. Improves Z-Axis integrity by eliminating motor coupling failures.

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Powerful 200W DC Spindle!

A huge improvement over 775 type spindles. 52mm Brushed Spindle, air-cooled, with ER11 chuck and 3.175mm (1/8 in.) collet.

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Deluxe Grounded Power Supply!

Our 3018-MAX package includes our deluxe high power output 24VDC, 10A, grounded power supply.

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