Woodpecker CNC Control Board V3.4

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This three-axis control, GRBL based Woodpecker CNC V3.4 Control Board is compatible with many popular mini-desktop CNC routers and laser engravers. This is the same upgraded unit that now ships with most 1610-PRO, 1810-PRO, 3018-PRO, 3018-PROMAX (aluminum) desktop CNC routers. Unit features variable speed spindle control and support for many popular diode lasers.  Includes 1 USB-C to USB-Mini cable.  Optional offline control – Untether your computer from your CNC with our Optional Offline Controller available HERE

Included in Package
Woodpecker CNC V3.4 Control Board
Mini USB to USB-A Cable
Requires 24V 5A Power Supply when using the stock 12K RPM 775 Spindle.

Item Number: 3018PRO-CONTROL

Note: Please continue reading the entire product specification list and support notes in the “Additional Details” tab below.

Additional Details

Product Features
12-24V input
3-Axis control XYZ
Support for popular engraving diode lasers (0-12V | 2A max)
Variable Speed PWM spindle control (10A Max)
Push-button Power Switch
Mounted in a durable (transparent) protective enclosure
Stepper Drivers are heat-sinked and actively fan cooled
Mini USB to USB-A Cable Included

Available Ports
Computer Interface (Mini USB)
Power 12-24V Barrel Connector
X, Y, Z-Axis Stepper (4-pin)
Off-Line Controller Port (8-pin)
Laser (3-pin)
Spindle (2-pin)
Support for XYZ Homing and Limit Switches (2-pin)
Support for Z-Probe

Included in Package
Woodpecker CNC V3.4 Control Board
Mini USB to USB-A Cable

***** Product Support – Self Help Notice – Warranty – Resource Links *****
This product is offered as a replacement for current NCPRO CNC Users that received the Woodpecker CNC V3.4 board with their machine purchased at  Since product application and usage varies by machine type and vendor, we cannot provide setup advice or support for machines that are not purchased through – It is assumed that the end user is familiar with this products operation, or is willing to research this on their own.  All units are tested for proper function prior to leaving our facility and are guaranteed not to arrive DOA.  No instructions, setup advice, or support are provided for this product when not used on a machine.  When requesting support through our contact form, please provide the serial number of your NCPRO machine along with your request.

This is a user installed Do It Yourself component, we guarantee that the product as shipped from our facility, has been tested to perform as advertised and will not arrive DOA.  Beyond this guarantee, no additional warranty is offered or implied.

USB and Offline Controller Connectivity Notes
In order to communicate with this device, your computer must support the CH340 chipset.  Driver links are provided below.  You cannot use both the USB port and the optional offline controller concurrently – this board only supports the use of one interface method at a time.  Unplug the USB port from the Woodpecker board when using the Offline Controller.  Likewise, unplug the Offline Controller when connecting to your computer by USB.

The USB interface of this controller uses the CH340 chipset.  You must have the proper CH340 driver installed on your computer in order to establish communication to the controller.  Please obtain the latest driver from the chipset vendor’s (WCH) website below:

WCH Driver Page for CH340 Chipset

You may also download a locally archived version of CH340 driver from our site for:
MAC | Windows | Linux

GRBL Setup
Learn More about the GRBL project – Click Here

G-Code Sender Applications
Short list of suggested G-Code Sender Applications:

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