3018-PRO CNC Router | XZ Carriage Assembly with Stepper

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This is the complete stock 3018-PRO CNC Router XZ Spindle Carriage to fit the NCPRO 3018-PRO CNC Router with 72mm X-Axis Rail Spacing (also fits the NCPRO 1810-PRO CNC Router).  Assembled and tested before shipping.

– Updated Molded Nylon Z-Axis Assembly
– Molded Nylon Spindle Carriage to fit 775 Type Spindles
– Brass Anti-Backlash Nut and Spring
– Hard Chrome Z-Axis Linear Rails
– Z-Axis 8mm threaded linear rod
– NEMA17 Stepper Motor with coupling
– (4) LM10UU X-Axis Linear Bearings (pre-installed)
– (4) LM8SUU Z-Axis Linear Bearings (pre-installed)

Item Number: 3018PRO_XZ45/72MM/NEMA17

X-Axis Rail Spacing: 72mm | Spindle Carriage Fits 775 Spindle

Important product notes – Please read before purchase: If purchasing for a clone 3018 from another vender please verify that your X-Axis linear rail spacing is set 72mm on center (some machines feature a 69mm X-Axis rail spacing which is not compatible with this part). The included NEMA17 motor is directly compatible with the Woodpecker CNC 3.4 control board and wiring that ships with our NCPRO machines. Use of this stepper motor with other brand/vendor control boards may require modifications to your wiring interface. If you are unsure how to handle the wiring, we suggest obtaining this XZ Carriage assembly without the Stepper Motor (Sold Here on our Site) and re-using the NEMA17 Stepper that shipped with your off-brand 3018 machine.

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Additional Details

Our 3018-PRO CNC Router XZ Spindle Carriage fits NCPRO brand 3018-PRO Desktop CNC Routers that feature a 72mm X-Axis linear rail spacing.  This OEM product ships from our US stock Inspected and TESTED – ready to go to work in your 3018-PRO CNC Router.


*using this stepper with other brand/type control board configurations may require some changes to your wiring sequence to the control board.  Refer to your control boards specification and instruction to make the proper connection.

Note: Often, clone machines feature non-standard X-Axis rail spacing.  Prior to ordering, you should verify that your X-Axis linear rails are spaced 72mm on center within the X-Axis gantry.


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