3018-PRO OEM Brass Anti-Backlash Nut

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Genuine Brass OEM Style Spring Loaded Anti-backlash Nut for 1610-PRO, 3018-PRO and 3018-PROVer CNC routers.  This is the nearly impossible to find, always in short supply, OEM anti-backlash nut with the slender T shaped nut and 10 mm grooved press-fit insert.  This nut replaces worn anti-backlash components in your X, Y, and Z-Axis.  Fits 3018-OEM 8mm, T8 lead screws with a 2mm pitch and 4mm lead (two-starts).

Item Number: NCP-3018-OEM/ABNUT

T8 threading | 2mm Pitch | 4mm lead | Brass

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