3018-PRO CNC Router | X-Axis Gantry Carriage


A Replacement X-Axis Gantry Carriage for our 1810 and 3018-PRO Desktop CNC Routers.  For your convenience, this gantry carriage comes with a fresh 10mm bearings and brass anti-backlash nut pre-installed (pressed) within the carriage.  OEM carriage is made from injection molded nylon.

Item Number: 3018PRO-XCAR

X-Axis Rail Spacing 72mm | Linear Bearings LM10UU

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Additional Details

The brass anti-backlash nut and bearings within the 3018-PRO CNC Router X-Axis Gantry are wearable components and require periodic replacement.  We suggest replacing both bearings (4) and anti-backlash nut periodically as part of the machines preventative maintenance schedule.  Scheduled replacement will depend heavily on machine usage, materials processed and dust collection practices.

Product Notes: This product features the OEM 72mm X-Axis Rail Spacing for NCPRO Brand 1810-PRO and 3018-PRO CNC routers. If you are purchasing this for an off-brand clone router please verify that your X-Axis rail spacing is 72mm on center as some clone machines feature an incompatible 69mm X-Axis rail spacing.

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