3018-PRO CNC | Y-Axis Linear Slide OE, 10mm

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These factory 3018-PRO CNC Original Equipment Y-Axis Linear Slide, Bearing Blocks are sold individually and include a pre-installed LM10UU linear bearing (10mm ID).  Four Y-Axis Linear Slides are required for mounting the 3018-PRO CNC Y-Axis Table to the OE 10mm Y-Axis Linear Rails.  This product is a direct replacement for NCPRO 1610, 1810 and 3018-PRO Desktop CNC routers.  This product will not properly fit the SainSmart 3018-PROVer, please see our Improved Y-Axis Linear Slides instead.

Item Number: 3018PRO-Y/SLIDER/10MM

Table Offset* 22.5mm | Width 46mm | Length 29mm | Bearing 10mm (installed)

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Additional Details

This is the OE Y-Axis Slide (bearing block) as delivered with the 3018-PRO CNC, Desktop CNC Router. This Original Equipment slider features a pre-installed LM10UU 10mm ID linear bearing, for use on 10mm diameter linear rails. The Y-Axis Slide housing is manufactured in China of injection molded nylon. Like all of these OE nylon parts, some warping of the mounting tabs is expected and will not impact the performance of the product when installed on the machine. The bearings on this unit are press/friction fit.

For those looking to upgrade from the OE Y-Axis Slide, we offer an Improved Y-Axis Linear Slide Housing (bearing blocks), featuring mechanical bearing retention, Made in Colorado U.S.A. from PET-G FDM. Our Improved Y-axis Sliders can be purchased with both 10mm and 12mm ID, high precision linear bearings.

Product Specifications

Table Offset* | 22.5 mm
Mounting Hardware | M5 (not included)
Spacing of Mounting Holes | 36mm
Material | Nylon
Bearing | 10MM ID / LM10UU (installed)

*This is the distance from the bottom of the mounting flange, to center of bearing bore hole.


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