Coupling – ACME T8 Lead Screw to 5mm Stepper (clamp type)

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NCPRO 3018-PRO Improved Clamp Style Coupling joins ACME T8 lead screws with stepper motors featuring a 5mm output shaft.  We offer this coupling in all of our NCPRO brand machines and Z-Axis assemblies.  Unlike the cheap set screw type sold on lesser machines, our coupling both securely grips and centers the stepper shaft with the lead screw – avoiding the dreaded lead screw wobble and failures that are so common to the set screw type couplings.  This clamp coupling fits most 1610, 1810, 3018-PRO and 3018-PROVer type machines (used on X, Y and Z axis).

Note: Our clamp coupling measures 6mm larger in diameter (20mm total) over the cheap OE type set screw couplings.  As there are so many clone machines on the market that don’t meet our specifications, we advise you to first measure your clearances, before you buy – to ensure compatibility!


Length 25mm | Outer Diameter 20mm | Bore 8mm and 5mm

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