52mm Dust Shoe | 775 Spindle Adapter


Our NCPRO 775 Spindle Adapter for 52mm Dust Shoe snaps securely within the NCPRO 52mm Dust Shoe Base (not included), allowing the fitment of the 52mm Dust Shoe to the stock 3018-PRO CNC 775 Spindle. This clever adapter allows your dust collection equipment to grow with your needs. This 775 Spindle Adapter allows the fitting of our 52mm Dust Collection Shoe to most 3018-PRO CNC machines.

Note: Due to reduced clearances associated with the built-in Z-axis limit switches, this product cannot be used with SainSmart 3018 PROVer type machines using the stock blue molded ABS Z-Axis carriage.

Made in Colorado U.S.A.
Item Number: DS52MM-775ADPT/XXXX
Fits 52mm Dust Shoe | 1/2 in. depth

Material PET-G FDM
Available Colors: Interstellar Gray | GENeration Blue | 3018 Citrus


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