Stingray 775 Dust Shoe Parts | Spacer Ring


This 3/8 in. thick Stingray 775 Spacer Ring fits our Stingray 775 Dust Shoe Base with threaded and slip collection ports. See the product details below for our complete Stingray 775 dust shoe bundles.

Made in Colorado U.S.A.
Item Number: DS775-SR/SPACER

Textured PET-G (FDM) | Chalk Grey

Additional Details

This spacer ring measures 3/8 in. in depth and is magnetically keyed to attach to our Stingray 775 Dust Shoe Base. This listing includes just the 3/8 in. spacer, see our Stingray 775 Plus and Stingray 775 PRO product bundle for a complete dust collection system for your 3018-PRO CNC Router.

Designed to fit: 1610-PRO, 1810-PRO, 3018, 3018-PRO and Sainsmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer dekstop CNC Routers using our Stingray 775 Dust Shoe.