V2 Dust Shoe Nozzle | 775 Spindle


Need constant visual of the spindle while in opperation?  Our 3018-PRO CNC V2 Dust Shoe Nozzle Accessory is the solution! This Nozzle ring directly fits our 3018-PRO CNC 775 V2 dust shoe and features a magnetic base ring, that locks the nozzle firmly in place beneath the dust shoe.  The tip of the nozzle extends 55mm from the base of the dust shoe, with a targeted collection area directed at the end mill.

Our 3018-PRO CNC V2 Dust Shoe Nozzle Accessory is best suited for shallow 2D cutting and engraving applications.  For deeper 2D cuts and 3D engravings with a large relief, our Wide and Narrow Brush Rings may be the better option.

Note: A 55mm nozzle drop from the dust shoe base, to the collection point, will generally allow for 5mm of effective cutting depth from an end mill that extends 20mm beyond the spindle collet.  Your cut depth and clearance from the nozzle will depend on the end mill overall length and end mill set height.  There can be some variation from machine to machine in terms of final length to the end of the spindle collet – The pickup nozzle drop can be extended using our Magnetic Low Profile Nozzle Spacer Rings, or reduced in height by modification (cutting/sanding) to the final length of the nozzle itself.

Made in Colorado U.S.A.
Item Number: DS775V2-NOZ/XXXX
Fits 775 Type Spindle V2 Dust Shoe | Nozzle Drop 55mm (from base of dust shoe)

Material PET-G FDM
Available Product Colors: Interstellar Gray, GENeration Blue, or 3018 Citrus


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