LEKN (C1) CNC Controller Board

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LEKN (C1) CNC Controller Board

This powerful ATMEGA driven GRBL based DIY CNC Control Board offers a robust all in one solution for desktop CNC users. Adaptable and upgradable. Free yourself from proprietary connectors with removable terminal blocks for Spindle, Stepper, Limit, Homing, Power and Accessory connections. Serviceable stepper motor driver boards ensure future upgradability and ease repairs. Package includes: CNC Control board and USB Cable.  An offline GRBL code sender, is available for this product here.

Item Number: LEKN-C1

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Additional Details

Main Control Chip: ATMEGA328P-AU
Stepper Motor Driver: DRV8825
Spindle Driver Chip: MOSFET(IRLR7843)
Maximum Spindle Power (@24VDC): 200W Continuous
Laser Driver: PWM
Input Power: DC-24V
Connection: USB
Firmware: GRBL1.1
Software: GRBL controller/UniversalGcodeSender
Dimensions: 115mm x 65mm


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