LEKN G-Sender Offline Controller

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Add convenience of an offline control to your CNC with the LEKN G-Sender Offline GRBL Sender. Send .gcode files and control your desktop CNC machine without being tethered to your computer. Under certain circumstances the USB interface, from controller to computer, can be a point of failure. An offline controller eliminates this potential failure point and allows your GRBL based CNC machine to function independent from a computer. The LEKN G-Sender Offline GRBL Sender is both intuitive and adaptable to your opperation and features a large LCD display and simple push-button rotary encoder interface. Includes interface cable for LEKN-C1 Controller and SD memory card.

Special Offer! Free 3018nc Citrus Orange G-Sender Bezel, Knob and Stand with purchase of both LEKN G-Sender and C1 CNC Controller Board.


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