3018 Desktop CNC | Aluminum Frame, Gantry and Spindle Carriage

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Take your 3018-PRO to the MAX and save hundreds of dollars over buying individual component upgrades. We are excited to announce our complete 3018 Desktop CNC – Upgraded Aluminum frame, Gantry and Spindle Carriage!  This upgrade is directly compatible with the electronics package from your current 1610, 1810, or 3018-PRO Desktop CNC router (steppers, control board, spindle and power supply).  And may be purchased as is, or combined with select grade NCPRO components to build a complete machine – click here to configure this frame upgrade with a custom selection of NCPRO components.

Included with this upgrade:
– Complete Aluminum Y-Axis Frame and sliding table, with upgraded tandem bearing linear slides.
– Complete Aluminum X-Axis Gantry
– Complete Aluminum X/Z Carriage with more rigid 76mm o.c. rail spacing
– Aluminum Spindle Carriage fits 775 and 52mm upgrade spindles.
– Rigid 12mm diameter linear rails (huge performance upgrade over the OEM flexible 10mm rails)
– T8 lead screws for X/Y/Z Axis (2mm pitch | 4mm lead)

Required to build a complete machine:
Nema 17 stepper motors for X, Y, and Z axis.
Control Board
Power Supply
Spindle 775 or 52mm

Item Number: NCP-3018MAX/FRAME

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Additional Details

Product Features:

Improved X-Axis gantry – Includes our 12mm diameter X-Axis linear rails to reduce machine flex and spindle chatter.  Redesigned X-Axis gantry features a wider (76mm) rail spacing for a more stable and rigid X-axis.  Larger LM12UU bearings in XZ carriage offer better bearing life.  Larger 20mm x 40mm  (20/2040) X-axis extrusions produce a more rigid gantry.   X-Axis gantry offers 45% (29mm) more clearance between the Y-axis sliding table and the underside of the gantry.

Improved Y-Axis Table – A major improvements to the Y-Axis frame, featuring larger 40mm x 40mm aluminum extrusions (20/4040) and solid 10mm thick end-plates – producing the most rigid frame in its class. Additionally, the new 20/4040 extrusions make squaring the table assembly easier!

Improved Z-Axis – All aluminum Z-Axis enhances the rigidity of the completed machine and is fit with durable 12mm LM12UU bearings.  Unlike current market offerings, all bearings in our Z-axis are securely press fit and are completely user serviceable (requires arbor press or similar device).  Our metal spindle holder directly fits popular 52mm spindle upgrades and includes an adapter to fit the standard 3018-PRO 775 spindle motor.

Improvement to the linear motion system – Rigid 12mm diameter X and Y-Axis linear rails greatly reduce flex and susceptibility to spindle chatter (compared with the stock 3018’s 10mm rails). Tandem linear Y-Axis table slides, offer improved linear bearing and rail alignment, for buttery smooth linear motion. New lead-screw pillow block bearings, fully support the X and Y-Axis T8 lead-screw, allowing the frame and not the stepper motor bearings, to absorb strain from the linear motion system.  New user serviceable Y-Axis anti-backlash nut.  Stiffer X, Y and Z axis anti-backlash nut springs, further reduce accuracy robbing backlash.  External jog knobs are now standard for X and Y axis.


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