3018-CNC | Improved Y-Axis Linear Bearing Blocks (4)

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NCPRO offers an Improved Y-Axis Linear Bearing Block Kit for 3018-PRO and 3018-PROVer desktop CNC machines.  To begin with, our improved bearing blocks are not formed warped like the poorly molded OE units out of China.  Our precision blocks are made from high-impact, heat resistant, PET-G plastic – using industry leading FDM processes.  Each block is delivered tapped to receive a specialized grub screw for secure bearing retention (included).  Block measures 29 mm in length and will accommodate both standard 10mm (LM10UU), or our low profile 12mm bearings (for those 3018 users running our upgraded 12mm Y-Axis and Y-Extended rail upgrades.  Note: 3018-PRO blocks differ dimensionally from 3018-PROVer blocks – please select the block that matches your machine (see details below).  Does not include bearings, click to purchase the 10mm or 12mm ID bearings separately.

Made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Item Number: NCP-3018Y_29MMSLIDE/XXX

Material PET-G FDM | Length 29mm | Bore 19mm (bearing not included)

Variation specific details:

  • 3018-PRO blocks feature a 22.5mm offset (from table to center of linear rail) and accommodate 5mm hardware (36mm on center).  Color: Light Grey
  • 3018-PROVer blocks feature a 21.5mm offset (from table to center of linear rail) accommodate 6mm hardware (38mm on center). Color: Blue

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