3018-PRO CNC | Rigid 12mm Y-Axis EXTENDED Linear Rail Upgrade (450mm)

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So you extended your 3018-PRO CNC but now your Y-Axis flexes like a trampoline? 
3018 Desktop CNC Supply has the fix.

Our Y-Axis Linear Rod and Bearing Upgrade was designed for 3018-PRO type machines, that have been “upgraded” with the 450mm extension kit (see notes).  Extended machines continue to use the lighter duty 10mm diameter linear rods and bearings, which is a real problem, as the flex along the y-axis is unacceptable at the upgraded span.  To correct this problem, we offer our premium 12mm diameter, chrome plated, hardened linear rods – center tapped for M5 hardware (just like the OEM units – bolts in place for a quick upgrade).  We round out this must have upgrade, with four new precision low-profile 12mm linear bearings. Mount these new bearings within your OEM style Y-Axis linear slide blocks, or add our optional 29mm Linear Pillow Block Housing to this order and we will pre-install your bearings within the new tandem slides!

What this bolt on upgrade does:

  • Replaces the laughably flexible extended 10mm linear rails with more rigid 12mm rails
  • Restores Y-Axis rigidity at the extended length.
  • Improved motion with precision 12mm 5-run linear bearings, designed to fit within the stock bearing blocks.

Optional!  Upgrade to new 28mm Linear Pillow Block Slides* with bearings pre-installed.  Our upgraded 28mm Linear Pillow Block Slides provide better retention of the Y-Axis linear bearings then OE units. This is a great upgrade for improving the reliability and precision of your 3018-PRO CNC router.


2 – 12mm x 450mm hardened chrome plated linear rails
4 – NCPRO 12mm Low-Profile Linear Bearings
4 – M5 x 20 Socket Head Bolts
4 – M5 Washers

Optional Upgrades (select before adding to cart):
4 – 29mm Linear Pillow Block Housing (we pre-install your new bearings with purchase)

Item Number: NCP-3018YFIX_EXT450/BUNDLE
Click Here for Product Installation Instructions (applies to both stock and extended length upgrades)

Two New 12mm Linear Rails!

Includes: Two NCPRO 12mm diameter x 450mm length linear rails | tapped for stock M5 threading. Supports 3018-PRO type machines that have been extended using the factory y-axis 450mm extension kit.

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Fresh Linear Bearings! × 2

Each X-Axis upgrade includes our two pairs (four total) of our premium NC-PRO 12mm low profile linear bearings.

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Add Improved Y-Axis Bearing Blocks (set of 4)

Add our NCPRO Y-Axis bearing blocks and we will pre-install your new 12mm linear bearings within the blocks! Bearing blocks are machine specific PLEASE SELECT YOUR MACHINE from the drop down list.

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Additional Details

Rant:  Honestly, I don’t know what they were thinking.  While the short length of 10mm rail that supports the stock 3018-PRO y-axis are adequate for the task, extending these in length to 450mm creates unacceptable levels of flex in the y-axis.  Yet that is exactly how all popular 450mm extension kits are shipped, regardless of brand.  At best, this is poor engineering and should be addressed, to achieve the best results from your 3018-PRO results with your 3018-PRO.  Fortunately, the fix is simple – upgrading from 10mm rails to our custom machined 12mm rails, will restore the rigidity of your y-axis system.  And the improved 5-run linear bearings fit directly within your stock 3018 bearing blocks, gliding along the y-axis with less slop and more precision.  Combined with our optional upgraded linear bearing blocks, this is a bolt-on fix!  The basic kit includes a full set of bearings and installation hardware – you’ll only need to press the current 10mm bearings from your existing linear bearing blocks and install our upgrade.

Note: This upgrade is certified for use on the NCPRO line of 3018-PRO machines and similar 3018-PRO clones.  To ensure compatibility, measure your existing Y-Axis linear rails and extrusions, if they match up with the sizing below, then this upgrade is likely compatible with your 3018-PRO machine.

Y-Axis Linear Rail = 450mm | Y-Axis Extrusion = 450mm

Notes for SainSmart 3018-PROVer Owners: The Y-Axis End Plates on your machine ship with 5mm deep pockets, that the stock 10mm linear rail ‘nests’ within.  Our rails were not intended for this machine, yet are still compatible! Our rails will fit on top of the pockets, machined within your y-axis plates – this has the added benefit of allowing you to properly align the y-axis rails.

1 review for 3018-PRO CNC | Rigid 12mm Y-Axis EXTENDED Linear Rail Upgrade (450mm)

  1. Ryan Chouinard (verified owner)

    These rails fit perfectly on my extended Y axis. My bed no longer has any flex or bounce to it, which was common with the stock 10mm rails when any type of downward pressure was applied. Very well sized and, most importantly, straight.

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