3018 CNC Zero Backlash Z-Axis Carriage, 52mm Spindle

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This upgraded 3018-PRO CNC “Zero Backlash” 52mm Z-Axis Carriage was designed to accept upgraded 52mm diameter spindles, while updating the linear motion components to our NCPRO nylon “Zero-Backlash” nut block.  The replacement of the OEM brass linear motion parts delivers greater precision and smoother transmission of the Z-axis along the lead screw.  Each unit is delivered fully assembled and features precision machining of the bearing block and 4 new LM8SUU linear bearings.  This 3018-PRO CNC 52mm Z-Axis Carriage fits OEM injection molded X/Z-axis carriages that typically ship with the 1610, 1810, 3018 “PRO” and “PROVer” models.

1 – Assembled Z-Axis carriage (to fit upgraded 52mm spindle), with machined bearing blocks
1 – Nylon Anti-Backlash nut block
4 – LM8SUU Linear Bearings

Note: This product is made to order and requires 2-3 business days to process.  Prior to ordering, please verify that your X/Z-axis carriage features 8mm linear rods spaced 38mm on center.

Made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Item number: NCP-3018Z52MM_NAB/XXXX
Material PET-G (FDM) | 52mm Spindle Mount | “Interstellar Grey” and “Generation Blue”