Anti-Backlash Block | ACME T8 2mm Pitch, 4mm Lead

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The fix for unreliable high-wear anti-backlash nut blocks is our NCPRO Nylon “Zero-Backlash” Nut Block! The stock brass threaded nut block and spring arrangement on the 1610 PRO,  1810 PRO and 3018 PRO is a high-wear, sloppy component and disaster just waiting to happen.  For better accuracy, reliability and true back-lash reduction, 3018 Desktop CNC supply suggests upgrading your machines linear motion components to receive these super slick, low resistance, adjustable, nylon anti-backlash nut blocks. Sold individually – threaded ACME rod (as in use photo depicts) is not included.

UPGRADE REQUIRED!  This nut is not directly compatible with the stock 1610 PRO, 1810PRO, 3018 PRO and PRO MAX CNC – your machine must be modified to receive this style of nut block.  For your convenience we offer pre-engineered solutions, that allow the direct fitting of this superior anti-backlash nut, to all 1610/1810 and 3018 PRO (and most clone) machines. Available here for: X-Axis, Y-Axis, and Z-Axis.

Tapped for T8 ACME Lead Screws  of 2mm pitch, 4mm lead (two-starts). Please note that many 3D printer applications feature a 2mm pitch, 8mm lead (four-start) lead screw, which is not compatible with this anti-backlash nut block.

For T8 ACME Lead Screw | 2mm Pitch | 4mm Lead (two starts)

Includes: 1 AB Nut Block, 2 M5 Lock Nuts, M5 adjustment grub screw and nut