NCPRO Dust Collection Hose, 32mm x 1m


Our super flexible NCPRO Dust Collection Hose is custom made, exclusively for 3018 Desktop CNC Supply dust collection equipment.  The compact, light and flexible design of this NCPRO Dust Collection Hose makes it and ideal match for smaller desktop and bench-top CNC applications as these platforms simply cannot support the weight (or bulk) of traditional dust collection products.  NCPRO Dust Collection Hose is the lightweight and compact link to connect from your mini CNC dust shoe to vacuum or dust collector ports.

Note: Each spiral reinforced poly vinyl hose is fit with a supple and grippy rubber ‘cuff” for connection to your dust collection equipment.  This product does not fit our threaded dust collection shoes.

Item Number: NCP-DCHOSE/321
32mm Hose | 1 m length | Rubber Ends 32 mm ID x 38 mm OD

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