775 Dust Shoe V2 | Bundle

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Made in Colorado U.S.A.
Item Number: NCP-DS775V2/BDL/BASE/XXXX

Fits Stock 3018-PRO CNC 775 Spindle (motor) | Material PET-G (FDM)

We also offer this product in a PRO version with our exclusive flexible 25mm dust collection hose.  Click Here

Includes: (1) NCPRO 52mm Dust Shoe Base

Our premium dust shoe base bolts securely to the base of the 3018-PRO CNC stock 775 type spindle and features keyed magnetic attach points to receive our dust shoe accessories.

Interstellar Gray

Includes: (1) NCPRO Wide Collection Brush Ring

Premium brush ring features a soft and flexible 2-inch length fill and secure "keyed" magnetic attachment system.

Interstellar Gray

Optional: 1/2-Inch Spacer Ring

Add one or several magnetically attached spacer rings to your order. These rings attach between the dust shoe base and the brush ring to set the working height of the brush to your material. We suggest that one or two rings should suffice for most all applications.

Optional: Dust Collection Nozzle

Add a fixed-height dust collection nozzle, to allow an unobstructed view of your end-mill during the engrave/cut process. Best for shallow engraving and cutting of less than 5mm in overall depth.

Additional Details

This 3018-PRO Desktop CNC Router Dust Shoe | 775 Spindle Edition by NCPRO, has been thoughtfully designed and calibrated to the specific needs of the desktop CNC owner. Our 3018 CNC Router Dust Shoe was developed to fit popular variations of the 1610|1810|3018 PRO, Genmitsu 3018 PROVer and 3018 MAX CNC routers with 775 spindle (motor). Our basic dust shoe offering does not skimp on the details! And includes our custom designed dust shoe with quick access magnet mount, wide mouth, long super flexible brush and brush ring. Available in two stocked and two special order colors. Please read all of the details below to learn more!

Soft and Flexible Brush! Mini desktop CNC’s typically ship with lower torque NEMA 17 type stepper motors and won’t tolerate stiff bristled collection brushes. With that in mind, we fit all of our CNC dust shoes with our exclusive, highly flexible NCPRO 2 in. Brush material.

Quick “Click” Magnet Access! Get at your end mills, swap brushes, or add optional spacer rings to better match your work piece height and end mill selection – all with a simple “click”. While the shoe and collection port are securely mounted to the base of your 775 spindle (hardware provided), the brush ring can be quickly removed for rapid access and end mill changes. Replacing the brush is as simple as lining it up under the dust shoe, the high strength rare-earth magnetic pins do the rest – securely locking the brush in place.

Expandable System! Our CNC dust shoes can be fit with our wide long brush collector (included) or a nozzle collector and spacer rings (optional) to place your brush and working height at the ideal position for your work piece.

Colors! We understand about your desire to bring the bling to your desktop CNC and stock our dust shoes in both in “Electric Blue”, “Interstellar Gray” and “3018 Citrus” – we think these colors look awesome on most of the popular machines.

Note: Our customers have found this to fit most all 3018 PRO type machines, this includes those offered as 1610 PRO, 1810 PRO, 3018 PRO, SainSmart Genmitsu 3018 PROVer and 3018 MAX. We expect that our shoe will fit a wide variety of clone type machines, that feature a clamp to secure the 775 spindle. Mounting the shoe requires access to the base of the 775 spindle and the two 4mm tapped holes (in the end of the motor). You must have 6.5mm of the spindle exposed below the base of the clamp mechanism and 4.5 mm of clearance behind the spindle motor. Our dust shoes are manufactured from impact resistant PET-G, using state of the art FDM equipment and may require 2-3 days for production depending on current demand. If you have questions about your application, please contact us before ordering.

3 reviews for 775 Dust Shoe V2 | Bundle

  1. dummies83dm

    Fit perfectly and works great. Actually arrived early which is always nice!

  2. The Handmakrs

    Fantastic quality. Works like a charm!

  3. Patrick

    This is exactly what I needed. Fits perfectly.

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