Linear Rail Mount for Micro Limit Switch

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Our smart Linear Rail Mount for Micro Limit Switch is a two-piece design that clamps securely around optical axis type linear rails.  These versatile Linear Rail Mounts make it simple to retro-fit limit switches to machines that do not have the necessary mounting provisions.  When equipped with a limit switch, the mounts allow fine adjustment of the end-stop position, simply by sliding the mount along the rail – and then clamping it securely in place.  Linear Rail Mounts are sold with or without the corresponding Limit Switches – great for tweaking your machine home position and setting “hard” mechanical stops outside the work boundaries.  Each clamp mount features an integrated bump stop that will reduce the likelihood of damaging the limit switch in the event of a machine crash.  Looking for just the limit switch or specifications for the limit switch?  CLICK HERE
Made in Colorado U.S.A.


Additional Details

Note: Installing homing and limit switches will slightly reduce the overall maximum travel of your machine (Roughly by 12mm per axis for every installed switch – thus a homing and limit switch on the x-axis will reduce total machine travel by ~24mm on the x-axis).  While it is common to install a homing and limit switches on all three axis, many 3018 users do not install (or remove) the limit switch on the Z axis as the machine is already somewhat “Z-travel Challenged”.

This included switch is delivered with Ground (black) and Signal (white) wired normally closed (NC). Some machines are delivered with normally open (NO) switches which are far more susceptible to signal noise and false triggers than a machine wired with a NC switch arrangement. NC works better as the ground reference of the board and DC power supply are used to sink any electrical noise that the limit switch wires may pickup.

When using a NC switch with homing enabled on your grbl based machine, you’ll need to set $5=1 in your grbl settings, to invert the limit lines for homing.

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  1. Rocky

    I’ve spent a lot of time looking for well designed homing switch that’s easy to install. This one checked those boxes and appears to be well built. The price is a bargain!

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