3018 CNC Zero Backlash X-Axis Carriage, OEM 45mm Travel

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Improve the X-Axis linear motion components of your 1610/1810 and 3018 PRO with our 3018 CNC “Zero Backlash” X-Axis Carriage . This part completely replaces the OEM X-Axis carriage – eliminating the sloppy, spring loaded, brass anti-backlash nut. This enhanced carriage assembly features our silky smooth, NCPRO Nylon “Zero-Backlash” nut block and is delivered with the new nut block installed and linear bearings pressed in place. You’ll make the final integration into your machine – by using your existing X/Z-axis linear rails, lead screw, stepper and spindle mount.

A note about our process: Each X-Axis carriage is built from PET-G using an FDM process and then treated to a precision milling of the linear bearing blocks. We then lubricate and press fit 4 new LM10UU linear bearings into the carriage. This attention to detail and precision post processing of the carriage, ensures that the new X-Axis will glide along properly throughout its range of motion!

Need more travel? This X-Carriage maintains the OEM travel of the Z-Axis – If you require extended Z-Axis travel see our complete extended X/Z-Axis solution Here!

Product Includes: 
1 – Assembled X-Axis carriage, with machined bearing blocks
1 – Nylon Anti-Backlash nut block
4 – LM10UU Linear Bearings

Note: This product is made to order and requires 2-3 business days to process.  Prior to ordering, please verify that your current X-axis carriage runs on 10mm linear rods spaced 72mm on center (69mm on center spacing available as an option) and that your machine uses T8 ACME Lead Screws with 2mm pitch and 4mm lead.  Material PET-G (FDM) | 

Made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Item number: NCP-XZ45MMXX/NAB/X
Options: Colors “Generation” Blue  or “Galactic” Grey | 72mm or 69mm X-Axis Rod Spacing