3018-PRO CNC | Extended Z-Axis Carriage (80mm)

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NCPRO delivers the Z-Travel your machine deserves.
The NCP 3018 CNC, Extended Z-Axis Carriage solves one of the fundamental limitations of the 3018-PRO CNC model line: lack of Z-Axis travel.  Our new Y/Z-Axis assembly replaces both the stock X and Z-Axis carriage/spindle mount assemblies netting a full 80mm* of travel in the Z-Axis.  With our Z-Axis upgrade, if your stock fits under the gantry, you can mill it!  In addition to the new increase in machine workspace, you’ll finally be able to lift the spindle with end-mill, well clear of your work – allowing unobstructed access to critical job setup tasks.

Our new assembly is made with our exclusive, in-house, precision post-processing, of professionally crafted PET-G (FDM) parts.  It is exactly this post processing and attention to detail in the assembly, that ensures smooth and proper function of the linear axis bearings and lead screws.  And ultimately your satisfaction.

Available with both robust, and widely available brass T8 ACME anti-backlash nuts, (which is a huge improvement over the, difficult to source “melt-in-place” stock arrangement) – or equipped with our zero-backlash adjustable nylon lead screw blocks.

This Extended Z-Axis Carriage ships with a standard 775 type spindle mount and we suggest that this stock spindle is a good pairing for most 3018 machines.  As an option, you may select to have your new Z-Axis carriage delivered with a 52mm spindle mount to accommodate popular 200W – 300W 52mm DC Spindles.

This unit is shipped assembled and tested, ready for installation in your NCPRO 1610-PRO, 1810-PRO, or 3018-PRO (and similar) desktop CNC machine.  As there can be great variation in off-brand machines, please read all of the specifications below to ensure a proper compatibility with your CNC machine – specifically the X-Axis linear rail spacing.

This product is made to order, current production lead time is 5 business days. (updated March 28, 2021)

Made in Colorado, U.S.A.
Item Number: NCP-XZ80MM

*Overall Z-Axis Travel 80mm, the addition of homing and limit switches may reduce this travel by 12-14mm per switch.

Additional Details

New Product Options (Updated 02.25.2022)

  • Your choice of X-Axis Linear Rail Spacing: 76mm, 72mm (default), or 69mm
  • Your choice of 10 mm or 12 mm X-Axis Linear Bearings
  • Your choice of spindle holder: Stock 775 (44.5 mm), or upgraded 52 mm and 55 mm
  • Choice of color for PETG (FDM) construction “Light Grey” or “Process Blue” with textured finish.
  • New! option to be produced using engineering grade Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber PCCF* (FDM).
  • New! Includes limit switch mounts and triggers for standard NCPRO and SainSmart 3018 PROVer switches (switches not included)

*PCCF construction lends the maximum rigidity and heat tolerance to the X and Z axis components with minimal weight.  This is a high quality plastic composite and is only available in Charcoal Black.

Product Features

  • Identical in width and depth to NCPRO Brand 1610/1810-PRO and 3018-PRO units
  • No modifications required fit to existing NCPRO machine! (see Product Specifications below)
  • Includes Nema 17 Stepper Motor
  • Stepper riser block allows for manual action of the Z-axis

Ships pre-assembled and ready to mount with the following components:

  • X-Axis Carriage, PET-G (FDM)
  • X-Axis Bearings (Choice of 10mm or 12mm linear bearings)
  • Spindle Mount | Z-Axis Carriage, PET-G (FDM)
  • Z-Axis Bearings (8mm linear bearings)
  • Z-Axis 8mm linear rail pre-installed
  • Z-Axis T8 Acme Lead Screw
  • X and Y-Axis Anti-Backlash Nuts or Optional Zero Backlash Blocks
  • Nema 17 Stepper Motor, 1.3A 25Ncm
  • Stepper Collar

Product Specifications:

  • Maximum Z-Axis Travel*: 80mm
  • Width with 775 spindle mount: 58mm
  • Depth with 775 spindle mount: 115mm
  • Fits 10mm X-Axis optical axis (round) linear rail select: 72 mm (default) or 69 mm on center
  • T8 ACME lead screw must be exactly centered between linear rails.

Note: Prior to ordering, measure your X-Axis linear rail spacing and select the compatible rail spacing for your machine.  Some 3rd party offerings of the 1610|1810|3018 PRO and all versions of the SainSmart PROver/MX3 machine may feature non-standard 69mm on center spacing, of the X-Axis linear rods.  The NCP 3018-MAX all metal machine features 76mm on center rail spacing. 

Your new Z-axis work volume will be limited by the addition of limit switches and / or the space available between your X-axis gantry and spoilboard.

3 reviews for 3018-PRO CNC | Extended Z-Axis Carriage (80mm)

  1. Woody

    I received my extended Z Axis update, and it is excellent quality. Thank you!

  2. CJ

    Helpful and high standards. I may buy another one.

  3. mac1966 (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with my decision to purchase this product. I am also very appreciative of the all the updates of my order. Thank you.

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