3018-PRO CNC | Extended Z-Axis Carriage (80mm) BYOS

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This Extended Z-Axis Assembly for NCPRO 3018-PRO and PROVer (by Sainsmart) style machines, offers a full 80mm of travel – nearly doubling the stock machine travel of 45mm.  This improved travel increases the maximum cut volume of your 3018 desktop CNC and allows you to carve or engrave nearly anything that you can fit under the stock gantry.  No longer will you struggle with installing dust collection, or making simple end mill changes, as this modification will allow you to lift most end mills, well above the X axis gantry height and well clear of your work.
This custom product is made to order, production lead time is typically 3-5 business days.

Made in Colorado, U.S.A.
Item Number: NCP-XZ80MM/BYOS

Travel 80mm | Rail Spacing 69 or 72mm | Bearings 10 or 12mm

Additional Details

Your new extended Z Axis assembly will ships ready to install, fully assembled and tested (we offer a version of this assembly with a pre-installed stepper motor here).  Includes our high-precision Zero-Backlash block upgrade which greatly reduces lead screw slop and improves machine repeatability and accuracy.

Product Features:

  • Affordable BYOS offering (bring your own stepper) – save money and ensure compatibility, by re-using your stock NEMA17 Z-Axis Stepper Motor.
  • Professionally produced using state of the art FDM processes from either impact resistant PET-G or super rigid and lightweight, engineering grade Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber Blend (PCCF).
  • Includes high-precision X and Z axis bearings (select from 10mm and 12mm X axis offerings), properly mechanically retained within the assembly.
  • Available with stock 44.5mm (775 motor) spindle carriage or 52mm and 55mm options to fit popular upgrade spindle offerings.
  • Two X-Axis rail spacing options available 69mm (3018-PROVer Sainsmart) and 72mm (most 3018-PRO)*
  • Includes our accuracy improving Zero Backlash T8 Lead Screw Blocks.

*Important! The 72mm spaced product fits all NCPRO brand 3018-PRO Desktop CNC Routers.  There is great variation in rail spacing among clones of our machine, produced by other vendors. Prior to ordering, please measure the center to center distance of your machine’s x-axis rails to obtain the proper rail spacing required.


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