3018 CNC Zero Backlash Y-Axis Nut Seat

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The 3018 CNC “Zero Backlash” Y-Axis Nut Seat is a simple and low cost solution for improving the Y-Axis linear motion components of your 1610/1810 and 3018 PRO.  This part replaces the OEM Y-Axis lead screw nut seat – eliminating the sloppy, spring loaded, brass anti-backlash nut, with a silky smooth, NCPRO Nylon “Zero-Backlash” nut block.  A new nut seat riser and hardware is provided to position the new nylon “Zero-Backlash” nut properly along the underside of your Y-Axis table.

Product Includes: 
1 – Y-Axis Nut Block Riser | Select 22.5mm (default), 21.5mm, or 24.0mm spacing (see notes below)
1 – Nylon Anti-Backlash nut block
1 – M5 x 15mm set-screw (to adjust backlash)
1 – M5 nut (locks setscrew into position)
2 – M5 x 20mm socket head screws

Made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Item number: PRO-YAXIS/NAB
Material PET-G (FDM) | 22.5mm (Chalk Grey), 21.5mm (Blue) and 24.0mm (Black) spacing

Additional Details

This product ships unassembled and is setup for user-supplied M5 mounting hardware (M6 with 21.5mm PROVer spacing).

*Product Fitment Notes: Prior to ordering, please verify that your current Y-axis table uses T8 ACME Lead Screws with 2mm pitch and 4mm lead.  Also verify your existing nut seat spacing – our 3018-PRO machines (and many clones) feature a 22.5 mm offset from the base of the Y-axis table, to center of nut seat.  Some machines like the 3018-PROVer feature a 21.5mm offset while the 3018-MAX (all metal machine) features a 24mm offset.  We now offer this product in Blue, with M6 mounting and 21.5 mm spacing option, to accommodate owners of SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer machines.  And we offer it in a 24.0 mm variation to accommodate our 3018-MAX customers. Attention: the lead screw in our product photos shown for context and is not included with this purchase. 

1 review for 3018 CNC Zero Backlash Y-Axis Nut Seat

  1. Bill (verified owner)

    fit and works perfectly on my 3018ProVer. Better than the OEM unit provided.

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