V2 Dust Shoe Brush | Narrow | 775 Spindle


Back by popular demand! Our original, V2 Narrow Dust Collection Brush has been updated and re-released for our DS775V2 line of 3018-PRO Desktop CNC Router Dust Shoes.  Our Narrow Collection Brush concentrates more of the dust collection area, over the work piece – improving the collection efficiency of lower power vacuum systems.

Includes: Narrow Collection Brush Ring, with Flexible Fill and 22mm Spacer

Made in Colorado U.S.A.
Item Number: DS775V2-NBRUSH/XXXX
Fits 775 Type Spindle V2 Dust Shoe | Includes Required 22mm Spacer Ring

Material PET-G FDM

Additional Details

Accept none other than The Original 2018 Dust Collection Shoe with/Narrow Brush Collector! 

Since introducing the original 3018-PRO Desktop CNC Dust Collection Shoe – featuring our narrow brush collection ring, we’ve witnessed a few clone products that made attempts to copy our work and have unfortunately, been rushed to market without vetting the basic engineering of their designs.

A better design!  We take pride in providing a highly engineered and well researched product.  And our dust collection shoes, brushes, hoses and nozzles are no exception!  Our products are battle tested in our commercial production shop for months prior to public release.  This extensive vetting process allows us to react quickly to improve the design, ensuring you get the highest quality product possible.

Features you won’t find anywhere else:

High impact PET-G construction takes the hard knocks of production environments in stride and unlike cheap PLA and ABS shoes, PET-G is better resistant to common chemicals used in the maintenance and fixturing of the machine.

Embedded Magnets! Our quick access magnetic dust shoe base features magnets that are permanently embedded in the plastic as part of the construction process.  As such, there are no screws to fall out and damage your tooling and no failures of the collection brush attachment system – to spoil your work.

Spindle Guard!  Due to the reduced working clearances of the narrow brush ring and 3018-PRO CNC, we long ago designed a spindle guard into our collection brush ring.  The spindle guard surrounds the collection brush and reduces the chance of brush material being drawn into the low power 775 type spindle.  We’ve already seen several reports from users of copycat devices that missed this important mechanism in their design.  The result of a bad collection brush design that allows the brush material to wrap the spindle is a stalled/burnt out spindles and smoked control board!

Flexibility!  The narrow collection brush is just one of many dust shoe attachments compatible with our 775V2 dust shoe system.  Quickly add or swap brush lengths, brush shapes, nozzles and spacers to adapt to your workflow.

Serviceable! The collection brush material, in our dust collection brush ring, is a user serviceable part and is easily replaced when worn.

Made in the USA Need we say more? Keep your hard earned dollars in-country and support local families dedicated to earning your business with products that offer value and exceptional function.


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