Z-Axis Carriage 3018-PRO CNC

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New 3018 PRO Z-Axis Carriage, this is the stock molded nylon unit.  This is a simple fix for worn Z-Axis components and fits all 1610/1810 and 3018 PRO desktop CNC machines.

Product Features
Molded nylon Z-Axis
Pre-installed brass anti-backlash lead screw nut T8/2P/4L
Fits Stock 775 type Spindle Units
Includes 4-LM8SUU bearings (installed)
Z-axis rail spacing 38mm

Item Number: 3018PRO_ZCAR/775
Before ordering please review the “additional details” notes given below.

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Additional Details

Fitment notes for: Z-Axis Carriage for 8mm round linear rails with, 38mm on-center spacing.

Please measure your machine prior to ordering!  This product will only fit X axis carriage assemblies that feature 8mm optical axis linear rails, spaced 38mm on center.  The pre-installed brass anti-backlash lead screw nut is our standard T8/2P/4L (2mm pitch with 2-starts resulting in 4mm of travel, per revolution of the lead screw).

Not all 3018 clones are created equal.

Just because you were sold a “3018” on amazon or ebay, DOES NOT MEAN THAT THIS ITEM WILL FIT YOUR MACHINE.  This product fits our original NC-PRO 3018-PRO Desktop CNC and may fit many other clones of our product, but you must measure your machine, prior to ordering to ensure proper fit of this replacement component to your off-brand machine.