12mm x 290mm Linear Rails, Pair (tapped M5)


Toss those flexible rails in favor of our oversized Y-Axis rails, custom created by NCPRO for your 3018-Pro CNC. These NCPRO 12mm x 290mm Optical Axis Linear Rails feature a durable hard chrome treatment and are cut to the Y-Axis length, chamfered and center tapped on both end, with stock M5 threads. The rails are a drop in replacement for the NCPRO 3018-PRO CNC Router Y-Axis – complete the upgrade with our custom 12mm low-profile linear bearings (4 each required). These 12mm linear rails are sold in pairs.

This is an upgrade (larger diameter rail) for the the Y-Axis of the 3018-PRO CNC – click HERE for the X-Axis upgraded rails.

Item Number: NCP-LR12/290-M5T/PAIR
Diameter 12mm | Length 290mm | Threaded M5 | Quantity 2

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Additional Details

Note: SainSmart brand 3018-PROVer machines (the blue anodized version) feature a non-standard length (longer) linear rail configuration that nest into the front and side plates of the PROVer type machine. Our rails are designed to fit the 3018-PRO using the standard lengths indicated in our product specifications and are not machined to nest within the SainSmart PROVer equipment. To use our rails with the SainSmart PROVer 3018 machine, you will require 2 each 5x10mm spacers.


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